HAASBELTS conveyor Side Flexing :Flat Top 1070TAB plastic Chain pitch 25.4mm

Short Description:

Sideflex radius(min.):500mm

Working load(max.):1700N(21℃)

Backflex radius(min.):130mm

Plate thickness:8.7mm

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Sprocket parameters

Chain type Plate width(w) Weight Sideflex radius(min.) Working load(max.) Backflex radius(min.) Plate thickness
mm kg/m mm N(21℃) mm mm
FT1070TAB-K330 83.8 1.26 500 1700 130 8.7
FT1070TAB-K450 114.3 1.50

Company introduction

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Nantong Tuoxin was founded in the early 21st century and is located in Shigang Science and Technology Industrial Park, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China. It covers an area of over 20000 square meters. Nantong Tuoxin is a professional company that provides plastic conveyor chain boards, modular plastic mesh belts, conveyors, and accessories for multiple industrial fields. As a professional manufacturer in the transportation field, Tuoxin products can meet the needs of multiple application fields. The product has been successfully applied in various industries around the world, and its advantages in transmission stability and security have been proven and widely recognized.

Innovation is our core philosophy

We provide a diverse range of solutions, allowing customers to choose the best products according to their needs.

Ability and experience

With over 20 years of industry experience, we have a group of experienced business backbones who can provide you with professional consulting, customer service, and significant support. Since the establishment of the company, we have deeply understood the needs of our customers and taken "customer requirements, we must have solutions" as our service tenet, constantly innovating to meet market demands.

Quality certification

The quality standards we adhere to are not only reflected in our products and solutions, but also implemented in our daily workflow. The company has passed ISO9001 international quality system and FDA system certification.

We always adhere to the eternal business philosophy of "reasonable price, better quality, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction". We firmly believe that the success of Tuo Xin depends on the success of our customers. Working together with customers towards a successful future is the greatest wish of all colleagues in Tuoxin Company!

Order process

Requirement communication: The customer and the manufacturer conduct preliminary requirement communication to clarify key information such as the usage requirements, conveying capacity, conveying distance, and material characteristics of the conveying equipment.

Plan design: Based on customer needs, design a reasonable conveying plan, including belt selection, conveying speed, motor power, conveying direction, turning radius, lifting device, etc.

Quotation and Contract Signing: After both parties reach an agreement on the design scheme and quotation, a formal contract will be signed.

Production and production: Organize procurement, production, assembly and other operations according to the design plan.

Quality inspection: Conduct quality inspection on the completed conveying equipment to ensure compliance with design requirements and customer actual needs.

Shipping and installation debugging: Package and ship the equipment, and arrange professional installation and debugging personnel to arrive at the site to carry out the installation and debugging work of the equipment.

Acceptance and training: After the equipment runs normally, it is accepted and delivered to the customer for use. At the same time, provide operation and maintenance training to relevant personnel of the customer.

After sales service: Provide a certain period of after-sales service, including equipment repair, maintenance, and technical support.

Order process

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