HAASBELTS conveyor T2076 Radius Flush Grid plastic Modular belt chain

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Belt pitch31.75mm

Assembling method:Connected with rods


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Belt pitch:31.75mm
Assembling method:Connected with rods


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Nantong Tuoxin Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with significant influence in the field of intelligent equipment. We focus on the research, development, production and sales of intelligent equipment, and are committed to providing advanced, efficient and reliable solutions for our customers.

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We attach great importance to technological research and development. Technological research and development is our company's core competitiveness and an important guarantee for our continuous innovation and development.

We have a professional R&D team with rich technical experience and innovation capabilities, constantly exploring new technologies, applications, and models to promote the company's technological progress and business upgrading.

At the same time, we also focus on cooperation and exchanges with partners, universities and research institutions to jointly promote technological development in related fields and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Through continuous technological research and innovation, we are committed to providing customers with better products and services and creating greater value for society.


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