Our after-sales service allows you to worry free

Of course, the following is our after-sales process of Nantong Tuoxin Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. This process aims to ensure that customers can receive timely and effective support and services when using our products. We have divided the process into several key steps for clear summarization and description:


I. Receiving complaints or requests

Description: We have set up dedicated customer service channels (such as customer service hotlines, online platforms, email, etc.) to ensure that customers can easily submit questions or after-sales requests.

Operation: When customers make complaints, questions or after-sales requests, our customer service team will promptly record and preliminarily classify them, such as equipment malfunction, usage consultation, accessory replacement, etc.

II. Problem recording and classification

Description: Using the after-sales management system, we will record the complaints or requests received in detail and classify them according to type, urgency, and other factors.

Operation: Through systematic management, ensure that each problem can be properly recorded and tracked, providing convenience for subsequent processing.

III. Problem Analysis and Evaluation

Description: Our technical team will conduct in-depth analysis and evaluation of the recorded issues to understand their causes and impacts.

Operation: Determine the root cause of the problem, assess the resources and time required to solve the problem, and provide a basis for developing solutions for the follow-up.


IV. Providing solutions

Description: Based on the results of the analysis, we will provide customers with targeted solutions, including repair, replacement, refund and other methods.

Operation: Keep in touch with customers, explain the solution in detail, and ensure that they understand and agree with our handling plan.

V. Implementing the solution

Description: Our technical team or designated service provider will implement the solution according to the pre-established plan.

Operation: This may include specific actions such as product repair, replacement, and refund. We will ensure that the solution is implemented in a timely and effective manner.

VI. Collect feedback and satisfaction survey

Description: After the implementation of the solution, we will actively collect customer feedback and conduct satisfaction surveys.

Operation: Through questionnaires, telephone interviews, and other methods, we can understand customers' satisfaction with after-sales services and suggestions for improvement, so that we can continuously optimize our service processes.

VII. Record summary and improvement

Description: We record the problems that have been solved and summarize the lessons learned.

Operation: Keep complete after-sales records to provide experience for future after-sales services, and constantly improve and enhance our service level based on customer feedback and suggestions.


In summary, our after-sales process at Nantong Tuoxin Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on customer experience and service quality, and ensures that problems encountered by customers during the use of our products can be promptly and effectively resolved through systematic management and professional technical support.

Post time: Jul-04-2024