We always adhere to independent research and development

In terms of independent research and development, we, Nantong Tuoxin Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., have done the following work:

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I. Establishment of R&D team and talent cultivation

Establishing a professional team: We have established a research and development team led by senior engineers and industry experts with rich technical background and practical experience, providing a solid talent foundation for the company's independent research and development.

Talent cultivation and introduction: We focus on the combination of internal talent cultivation and external talent introduction, and improve the technical level of the team through regular training and technical exchanges. At the same time, we actively introduce outstanding talents in the industry to inject fresh blood into the R&D team.

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II. R&D investment and resource allocation

Increase R&D investment: The company will allocate a certain proportion of funds to R&D investment every year to ensure the smooth progress of R&D projects and continuous technological innovation.

Optimizing resource allocation: We allocate R&D resources, including equipment, materials, and space, reasonably according to the actual needs of R&D projects, providing a good working environment and conditions for the R&D team.

III. R&D Direction and Technological Innovation

Clear R&D direction: We closely follow the industry development trend and combine market demand to determine the main R&D direction.

Technological innovation and breakthrough: In the process of research and development, we focus on technological innovation and breakthrough, constantly overcome technical problems, and improve product performance and stability. Currently, we have a number of patented technologies and have achieved significant results in the industry.

IV. R&D Achievements and Transformation

We have achieved a series of research and development results through unremitting efforts, including new type of turning chain plate, anti-slip mesh belt, spiral mesh belt, high-speed conveyor system, etc. These achievements not only enhance the company's core competitiveness, but also provide customers with better products and services.

We are committed to the commercialization and market promotion of our research and development achievements. By collaborating closely with customers, we understand market demands and convert our research and development results into practical products, which we then introduce to the market. Additionally, we actively participate in various exhibitions and technical exchange events to expand our company's influence and visibility.

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In summary, we at Nantong Tuoxin Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. have done a lot of work in independent research and development and achieved remarkable results. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in research and development, optimize resource allocation, promote technological innovation and achievement transformation, and make greater contributions to the company's sustainable development and industry progress.

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Post time: Jul-04-2024