Deliver foreign orders on time, loading and shipping

Every day, we send a large number of goods to domestic and foreign companies. Our professional warehouse management ability and professional delivery team ensure that each piece of goods is sent to every customer in a timely and orderly manner.

Because of the popularity of COVID-19, in order to make goods reach your hands faster and safer, we adopt a contactless delivery method. When the truck enters the factory, we will comprehensively disinfect the outside of the truck, deliver documents without contact with the transportation personnel, and check the travel data and nucleic acid reports of the transportation personnel. All the loading and unloading personnel wear protective articles for loading and unloading operations. We will comprehensively disinfect the products and the inside of the container to ensure the safety of the goods you receive.

We will arrange professional quality inspectors to inspect every piece of goods we send, so that every piece of goods you receive is a high-quality product. Large goods are delivered on pallets, and the goods are stacked neatly, which makes it easy and fast for you to unload. When delivering goods, we will assign special personnel to count and record the goods, so that the goods can reach you one by one.

For the goods sent abroad, we will have a special person to provide one-to-one service. We can track the progress in the whole process from goods ordering to production. After the completion of goods production, we will have a special person to track you for docking and shipping and arranging the delivery of goods, which saves you a lot of trouble.

Our company carries out production and delivery from receipt to delivery in strict accordance with the time agreed in the contract.

If you have any demand for the conveyor chain, please feel free to contact us.

Post time: Mar-25-2022