812 Straight Run Single Hinge Table Top steel Chain

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Steel tabletop chain offers a higher maximum allowable load than standard plastic top chain and is especially suitable for transporting steel components andglass containers via direct mounting.

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-The special production method ensures a higher working load.

-The cold-rolling process and the special alloys give the chain a very hard surface,providing a long wearlife,even under abrasive,high-speed circumstances.


We have large-scale production plants and standardized management and production processes to ensure the efficiency of production capacity and product quality. In every production link, we will arrange quality inspection to ensure that every piece of goods received by customers is high-quality products.

Product parameters

Tuoxin chains belt 812 series (3)

Tuoxin chains belt 812 series

Pin Material: stainless steel.

Standard length: 3. 048 m=10 feet (80 links).

Maximum conveyor length: 15 meters.


This chain can be obtained in various materials and qualities, depending on your requirements. This makes steel tabletop chains ideal for all kinds of bottles, 3-piececans, containers, keg and crate handling conveyors. Applications can be found inbreweries, other beverage industries,glass factories and many others.



Our company has passed FDA certification and ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has more than 200 patents.



Q: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A: Nantong Tuoxin is a large manufacturer of modular plastic belts, chain belts and conveyor components, headquartered in China and big factories covered 20,000 square meters in Nantong Province.

Q: If I want to place an order, what is the whole process like?

A: We will quote your material details according to your needs. After confirming the price, we will confirm your receiving address and relevant transportation expenses with you. After that, we will sign a contract with you to confirm the order. After signing the contract, after you arrange the deposit, we will arrange production and quality inspection. After the production is completed, we will contact you to confirm the transportation date. After the balance payment is arranged, the goods will be delivered on the agreed date.

Q: Do you provide samples?

A: Yes, we will be happy to provide you samples.

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