HAASBELTS Plastic Modular Belt Raised Top 5935

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Belt pitch:19.05mm 

Open area:0% 

Assembling method:connected with rods


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The protruding rib plastic mesh belt is a kind of plastic mesh belt with a raised pattern design. It has the following advantages: Provide good grip: The protruding rib design can form protrusions on the surface of the mesh belt, which increases friction and grip. This makes the protruding rib plastic mesh belt more stable when transporting items or on transport slopes, reducing the risk of slipping. Excellent anti-slip performance: The protruding pattern of the ribbed plastic mesh belt can increase the friction coefficient of its surface and provide excellent anti-slip performance. This is very important for occasions such as industrial production lines and transportation equipment that require anti-skid measures. Strength and durability: Ribbed plastic mesh belts are usually made of high-strength plastic materials for excellent wear resistance and durability. They can withstand the pressure and impact of heavy objects and are suitable for a variety of high-load applications. Breathability and Drainage: The raised rib design not only provides good grip, but also maintains breathability and drainage. The pores between the raised patterns can effectively drain and ventilate, avoiding stagnant water and moisture. Easy to clean: The surface of the ribbed plastic mesh belt is smooth and does not absorb dust and dirt, making it very easy to clean. Just wipe gently with water or detergent to keep it clean. Strong customizability: Ribbed plastic mesh belts can be customized according to the needs of users, adapting to different sizes, patterns and material requirements to meet the needs of specific applications. To sum up, the ribbed plastic mesh belt has the advantages of good grip, anti-skid performance, strength and durability, air permeability and drainage performance, easy cleaning and strong customizability. This makes it widely used in many industries, such as logistics, transportation, food processing and other fields.

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